Computer Protection – Remote Support

What does computer protection really mean?  Do we lock them to our desktops, in a drawer or cabinet?  Some people do, but what we are going to talk about is software protection and remote support.


There are 2 different types of protective software programs and a remote software that we recommend here at Computer A Services.  Webroot, Carbonite and Teamviewer(remote support).



The antivirus that we recommend and support is called Webroot.  Webroot cost $35 plus tax a year. Renewal notices will be sent through email(our preference) or through the mail.  If payment is not received the software will be removed. Here on site we have a monitoring system where we can tell if the software is not doing it’s job or if the computer is in some trouble. We would then call the customer and either have them run an additional scan, remote in or recommend the computer be brought in.  


**Like any other antivirus there is not a 100% guarantee that all virus will be caught.  “The hackers and virus makers are working fast!”



In addition to Webroot we recommend Carbonite.  What is Carbonite you ask? Carbonite is a data backup software based in the cloud.  ** This software backs up data only. Any programs installed at time of failure would have to be reinstalled.  The cost for Carbonite is $72 a year plus tax. Your Carbonite account is available to you through any computer that can get online with making your files accessible to you whenever you would like to access them.  If you’ve have ever lost all of your data to a failed hard drive you’ll know the importance of a tool like this.



Teamviewer is a remote software used to link 2 PC’s, Mac’s or other platforms. How does it work? Teamviewer is downloaded (or already loaded) on two PC’s.  The remote instance has to be initiated by the customer before the session begins. Using Teamviewer enables a technician to remotely help a customer remedy their issue.  If the issue can not be resolved the technician will give other options as to what can be done to help find a solution to the issue.


Under no uncertain terms should you ever get a call from Microsoft or any other company saying that you have a virus.  If you get a pop up on your computer saying that you have a virus and to call the number on your screen, it’s a scam! All that is someone trying to get your money and you have accidentally clicked on something you shouldn’t have.   If you’re ever in doubt, please call Computer A Services 386.409.0320.