Desktop vs. Laptop

When comparing desktops computers vs. laptops, you would think the same model number would produce the same performance. Not likely. Desktops are always faster and more powerful than their mobile counterparts…often up to and possibly even above a quarter times more powerful. That’s a pretty significant number.

And, when it comes to computers, power pretty much equals speed. Even the more powerful laptops aren’t as powerful as a desktop and they can be larger and heavier than other laptops. So if you need your work done quicker and smoother, you need a desktop. 

You also have to take your desktop’s big screen into consideration because that is a huge bonus as well. Plus, believe it or not, depending upon the computer, desktops can be less expensive than laptops.

Then there is upgrading to consider, and it is virtually non-existent with a laptop. While desktops can be upgraded pretty easily, you probably won’t be able to add a graphics chip for visual work or gaming. Same goes for storage. You won’t even be able to upgrade your RAM.

But nothing can compete with a laptop if you need to be on the go, and desktops can be big and bulky (Although they do offer slimmer versions now for a better fit in a tight workspace and all-in-one options to delete that whole messy wire deal.) If you need performance, a big screen and affordability, you could remain loyal to your desktop for the ultimate efficiency and buy a cheap laptop for those times you need mobile support.

Regardless of whether or not you fall into the desktop or laptop camp, Computer “A” Services in New Smyrna Beach has affordable, state-of-the-art options to meet all your needs.