Don’t Buy – Repair Instead!

Okay, I get it. If you want something shiny and new and have some big bucks to spend on a bunch of high quality (and dare I mention fun) bells and whistles, purchasing a new computer could be a good thing. However, if you don’t want to spend a whole lot, and you compare apples to apples on a new vs. repaired or rebuilt computer, you may find the whole buying new option a little rotten. Yep, in that case it’s typically cheaper and better to repair or rebuild your computer than to buy the equivalent.

Did you know that high volume computer vendors often use multiple sources for components? What this means is that not every brand name computer with the same model number is the same. If you purchase a cheaper model brand name computer, you could end up with a slow or unreliable computer with a generic motherboard and/or memory and your power supply could even be subpar. And here’s something even scarier…Those cheaper components that are used to bring costs down are typically not warrantied; and if they are, it isn’t for long. When you upgrade your own computer, you decide what goes into it.

Plus, how about getting what you want? Why settle from some cookie-cutter computer when you can get what is important to you instead of what some vendor decides is important to you? Want to jack-up your existing computer for gaming? Knock yourself out! Need tons of storage for your sweet tunes? Upgrade to a terabyte! You can get pretty much whatever you want or need at a whole lot less than if it came wrapped in a shiny new computer.

Then there is the whole, “What if something goes wrong?” thing. Want to attempt to resolve problems with someone overseas or have a reputable firm like Computer “A” Services at your fingertips if you need assistance with anything? Yeah, I’m definitely thinking the latter.