Different Ways to Charge Your Phone and Accessories

While plugging your phone or accessories into a standard charger would be the easiest and most
recommended method for charging your mobile devices, there ARE other ways. The simplest is just to
have a compatible adapter on hand for charging your phone or other devices via the cigarette lighter in
your car. You could also invest in a back-up battery, which is literally a large battery with ports for
phones and other USB devices. Back-up batteries are typically no larger than a smart phone and can fully
charge two phones at once.

There are also solar charging alternatives. With a solar charger, all you need
is access to the sun. Even moderately overcast days will produce enough power to charge your phone.
The downside to solar chargers is that the small ones don’t work nearly as well as their larger, folding

Okay, now you’re really going to get a charge out of this…
The wind can also charge your devices. Yes, I said wind. Portable wind turbines are capable of
generating and storing 15V of energy. When outfitted with the proper connections, they can be used to
charge your mobile devices. Of course, lack of wind in a big drawback.

Believe it or not, human strength can also recharge your mobile devices. A 30-watt hand crank
generator will not provide a full recharge, but it will work in a pinch. Hurricane? Get crankin’!
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