What You Need for Gaming on Your Computer

ATTENTION ALL GAMERS! This may sound like a no-brainer, but your computer set-up may have
different requirements from those folks without game.
First, remember that the more power you have, the bigger your competitive edge. Determine what CPU
processor for you and your system. For instance, if your thing is war games, you definitely need a fast

RAM is also huge. The more RAM, the better performance you get and less loading time. If your favorite
game requires 2GB, that is the minimum, so you need more – maybe 4GB for just a few light programs,
but possibly 16GB if you are playing some of the best and newest games out there. Just a word to the
wise – high frequency RAM can seem better, but it can be inconsistent.
Motherboards usually come with 2 or 4 slots. Here’s the difference…2 will give you enough for all your
apps, a few pretty high performance games, and one more slot in case you need to expand; 4 gives you
3 slots for expansion.

If you are a gamer, it is also imperative to choose a high performance video card; and, as far as power
supply, the minimum should be about 350 watts. A high end video card may require 500 or more.
After determining the best internal parts for your purposes, remember that it is awesome to view you
games on a larger screen with more pixels, so give the size and clarity of your monitor some thought.
Gamers also require plenty of space for storage. Additionally, you will need to choose your operating
system. Today, Windows 10 or 8.1 offer some of the best performance.

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