Don’t Sleep With Your Phone

You may have heard that electronics – like televisions, tablets and cellphones – that have LED screens can emit blue light. Blue light inhibits melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone. Subsequently, certain studies have suggested that sleeping with your cell phone or using your cell phone right before bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns. That is one reason that it is not a good idea to sleep with your cell phone, tablet or television.

But did you know that, while it is not proven that cell phones can cause cancer; cell phones DO emit the same electromagnetic radiation as X-rays and microwaves…which IS proven to cause cancerous tumors when exposure is experienced in large amounts. This is yet another excellent argument for avoiding sleeping with your cell phone or charging your cell phone beside your bed…and head.

Also – and this is really scary – since small children have thinner skulls, they are even more susceptible to that radiation…and just imagine if they started out in life with a bunch of exposure and that built-up over time. Just sayin’!

Ok, all you Floridians, let’s take this one step further. It can definitely be hot here, but did you know that radiofrequency exposure from cell phone use can actually heat the area of the body that touches your cell phone? So a cell phone in your back pocket is definitely one way to get a hot booty!

Seriously though, a cell phone can even cause a fire if you inadvertently fall asleep and leave it under your pillow or bed linens while you are surfing the net or waiting for that last text of the night. So just be careful.