Testimonials from Our Fantastic Customers

Remember how your mother always told you not to brag? Well Computer “A” Services doesn’t have to because our customers do it for us. Third party endorsements are always so much more meaningful than someone tooting their own horn; and when it comes to compliments, our fantastic customers knock them out of the park!

For instance, Gay Mebane Kone recommends Computer “A” Services because, “Ken and his staff are very knowledgeable and honest and they can fix any problem.”

Angie’s List also sings our praises. One of these customer reviews for Computer “A” Services door-to-door residential services, which specifically addresses reconfiguring a wireless network and tuning-up an older computer model states, “Showed up on time. The Computer “A” Services technician made appropriate recommendations; got my desktop, laptop and Smartphone all working on my network; and cleaned up my desktop computer so that it boots up in a fraction of the time. He even got my internet phone system working.

Another says, “Tech was knowledgeable and personable and immediately determined that my wireless adapter did not support Windows 10. He quickly installed a replacement and the cost was very reasonable. I will definitely use Computer “A” Services again.”

Business owners like Aaron Cooper, who uses Computer “A” Services for all his business needs, also feels that, “The amazing Computer “A” Services staff provides awesome service.”

And Valerie Wells said that Computer “A” Services fixed a software configuration problem that techs from several other companies failed to identify.”