Microsoft Warns of a Widespread Password Stealing Phishing Scheme

There’s a malicious cyber scheme in town designed to steal your passwords; and the new tactics its phishing scheme authors use are diabolical. Brace yourself!

Basically, it uses multiple links to trick people, and it works really well. The crafty cyber-crime portion comes into play with an email sales and marketing tool called “Open Redirect”. What happens is that when victims of this phishing scheme hover over the link in question to check it, the URL is shown. Since Open Redirect is being used, what they see is a legitimate domain name, lulling them into a false sense of security. I know, scary, right?

And then unsuspecting cyber victims click on a series of links that redirect them to a bogus sign-in page. Here, just like with any trusted, legit sites, the victim/visitor is prompted to type in their password twice. Then, voila! The evil phishers have hooked and landed their catch of the day.

These password stealing phishing attempts have been discovered in a variety of common places, including calendar alerts for Zoom meetings – which could create massive problems for many of us.

The best defense against phishing schemes like this one is to have the experience of a knowledgeable team of computer experts on your side. If you would like information on how to take security measures to ward off these types of cyber-attacks, Computer “A” Services can help.