Eliminate Passwords

Intel has been seriously pushing the elimination of the ye olde passwords of yesteryear. Though if we eliminate our age-old passwords, what would replace them? Lets review what Intel has in mind for the future of security.

No one truly likes passwords and all of the evils behind them from having to remember thousands of them for all your different accounts to having to make the passwords incredibly difficult which makes trying to remember them even more difficult. It is truly a double-edged sword. Intel, though, wishes to eliminate those pesky passwords from our life through alternative security measures! “What do I have to remember now?” you, the reader, blurt out at the screen. Nothing! Intel sees the issue of having to remember all of your passwords, crumbles it up, and slam dunks it right into the waste basket with a force.

BIOMETRICS! Now isn’t that a fun word? Well, that is the Intel password elimination plan. The plan is to be able to unlock your accounts and technology by using your body instead of your mind. Your fingerprints, face, eyes, blinks; these are all a part of your new-age biometric password collection. Intel has been pushing this new technology and has good reason. They believe that biometric security will increase computer sales and revolutionize tech security.

It really is time we change over to a new form of security more fit for the future. Though the wonderful thing is that this tech is already here and emerging. The computer I’m typing this blog post on even has a fingerprint sensor.

Intel doesn’t think it is a matter of if, more a matter of when biometrics will replace our classic password solution. They’re trying to push the technology out to the public with all their might in an attempt to gain as much public support as possible.