NSB Rescue

NSB Rescue – A new service provided by Computer A Services!

Ever been on vacation and had issues with your computer? Maybe a weird browser issue is restricting you from booking tickets back home. Or possibly you have a weird error when you open a program. You don’t know how to fix the issue and you can’t just leave the airport to go to a local computer repair store. You need a quick service that comes to you when you need it – NSB Rescue.

Computer A Services is attempting to cater to even more costumers by announcing NSB Rescue. With NSB Rescue, costumers with simple computer problems can get them dealt with without having to come into the shop.

Now how is this magical computer repair service possible if a technician isn’t around to poke at your machine? The internet! (Isn’t that the answer to everything nowadays?) Technicians are able to remotely connect to your computer as long as you have internet. The remote techs take over control of your system and fix the issue. Clean and simple!

What are the restrictions for NSB Rescue? Issues that are not able to be fixed include issues with the hardware of your computer, issues with other peripherals other than your computer (kind of), and issues with the internet! If you can’t connect to the internet, NSB Rescue won’t truly be able to help you directly through remote assistance.

Security may be a thought in the back of some costumers heads when told about NSB Rescue‘s remote access into your computer. This isn’t a true issue though! Beyond our technicians being the same trustworthy techs we use in the shop, the remote connection is amazingly secure. You can see everything that is happening to your computer and take control at anytime. The connection is secure and there should be no worries beyond whether or not we can fix your issue! 😉

Computer A Services will be rolling our this new computer repair service over the next while. Though of course you can already take advantage of it!

Visit the website at: http://nsbrescue.com/

Or call us for more information at: 386-409-0320