Hurricane Preparedness…Don’t Forget Your Computer and Other Electronics

If you’re familiar with the Florida hurricane season, you know that it is best to be prepared by stocking up in advance on items such as non-perishables, plenty of water and flashlight batteries, as well as filling up those gas cans and stowing any outdoor items which have the potential to become projectiles during a hurricane or tropical storm. We also need to keep in mind that our computers and other electronics are extremely vulnerable if a hurricane happens to hit. 

In the case of any strong storm, you should charge up your electronics like your phone and laptop so that you have access to the outside world. You also want to keep all your data safe, so back it up and store the copy in a safe place.

Then you should completely shut down your computer, monitor and all peripherals. Power surges can take place once power is restored, so it is also very important to disconnect all electronics from their power source…meaning nothing should be plugged into any outlets. 

It’s also a good idea to take that one step further, stowing all electronics away from windows and placing them somewhere that is not susceptible to flooding. Covering your electronics with something waterproof, such as a tarp or trash bag, isn’t a bad idea either.

When the storm blows over, be careful when powering up, starting with your peripherals first.