How You Know It’s Time to Upgrade Your Computer

Are you throwing things or cursing like the scariest stand-up on a bad day? Is there a place on your
current computer for floppy disks? If so, it’s a good bet that it is time to upgrade your computer. There
are some other signs that your computer has seen better days…

PCs can become noisy over time. If you hear strange noises when you turn on your computer – such as
the clicking and grinding of your hard drive waking up, there is definitely hard drive failure in your not so
distant future. Or if you are staring at that horrible tell-tale blank blue screen way too often, and you
spend all your time rebooting, it is definitely time to upgrade your computer.

Let me ask a few more questions:
 Are you running out of space?
 Having trouble loading the latest operating system or run the latest apps and games?
 Are current CPU’s twice as fast as yours?
 Do you find that you need improved performance to complete new tasks and even tasks you
currently perform?
 Does it seem like everyone else’s computer looks totally different from yours – from the monitor
to the tower (or no tower) and who knows what else?
 Finding it harder and harder to connect to things?
 And, finally, does it seem as if you spend more time fixing your computer than actually using it?

Owning a computer shouldn’t be hard work. If it is, something is wrong.
Okay, so what do you do? Upgrading parts – such as your battery, hard drive or adding more RAM – can
be a great quick fix, but when that no longer can solve your problem less inexpensively than buying a
new computer…guess what. You guessed it. It’s time for a new computer.

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