New Features and Fixes for Apple iOS 16.4!

Ah, we all love new-fangled features that enable us to do all kinds of cool things, in everything from our cars, to our homes and our appliances. Now there are new, highly anticipated (some of which are long-awaited) features and tweaks to the Apple iOS 16.4. Woohoo! Right?

Typically, Apple updates might simply include patches for security flaws and maybe a few more small fixes, but the latest new features aren’t your grandma’s Apple updates. Nope, Apple users are now getting…wait for it…an expanded set of emojis (and I’m not talking one or two here), voice isolation for clearer calls, auto dimming for flashing lights and more!

Okay, so for starters, the 31 (yes, I said 31) new emojis include stuff like pink, light blue and gray hearts, a Wi-Fi symbol, a shaking face, pushing hands and a varied assortment of other objects and animals.

Voice isolation, which is already provided for FaceTime, is now available for the first time for cell phones. This new Apple feature focuses more acutely on your voice and the voice of the person to whom you are speaking and blocks out the ambient noise surrounding you both for clearer calls.

Other Apple improvements include a duplicate photo and video detection system for iCloud libraries, improved notification to parents of Ask to Buy requests from their children, the addition of permission required web push notifications for pinned apps and an Apple Home thermostat tweak.

Apple iOS 16.4 users can update by going to Settings, General and then Software Update. You’re welcome!