Updates within the World of Technology

Safety first! In an effort to keep its audience informed and safe, Google plans include a launch of extreme heat alerts, which will be similar to its flood and wildfire alerts already in use.

Microsoft has introduced its AI-powered cybersecurity assistant in an effort to help cybersecurity professionals better identify security breaches and threats, as well as enhance data analysis capabilities.

Sounds like a winner! Wikipedia has audibly branded its content with the launch of its new sound logo. Rivaling the Netflix “ta-dum”, Wikipedia’s audible logo sounds like a page turning and morphs into a cacophony of keyboard clicking and paper rustling which symbolizes access into its world of knowledge.

Is your budget tight? Apple also had a new launch, its Buy Now, Pay Later plan, which was initially offered to select users. The full roll out allows for in-app purchases made on iPads and iPhones from $50 to $1,000 from merchants who accept Apple Pay. Loans allow for four, interest-free payments spread over the course of six weeks.

The memory chip producer, Micron, predicts AI to boost its sagging revenues. According to the Micron higher-ups, the forecast includes a record year in sales for 2025, counteracting the chip glut that has recently plagued the company.

Also, a University of Central Florida professor and 26 other scientists released a study which states that artificial intelligence still has a few hurdles to clear, including its alignment with human values, security and dependability.