NSB Rescue by CAS

Would you like to get help with glitches on your computer without having to lug your system into a shop? NSB Rescue by CAS is a new site lanched by Computer A Services to provide remote control help sessions. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Simply log onto NSB Rescue.com, click on the, “Are you being helped button?” and enter your information. There is a space on the questionnaire for you to explain your basic computer problem. Within a short amount of time a Computer A Services technical support person will respond to your request and talk you through your system’s error.

This Rescue site is a wonderful tool for the Snow Birds who remain at New Smyrna Beach and surrounding areas for the winters and return to other places called “home” for the summers. Returning home, if you experience the same problem or even find yourself dealing with a new problem you can go ahead and revisit NSB Rescue.com to reconnect with the same patient and gentle people from Computer A Services who will once again will offer their technical support.

If you are two or eighty-two this program eliminates the frustration that comes about by witnessing computer bloops. You’ll pleasantly experience mental ease when you use your computer.

So fly away, Snow Birds, fly away.