What to Do with Your Old Computer Parts

When we think of recycling, certain things come to mind. Soda cans, old newspapers, cardboard, glass jars and bottles…and old computer parts. Did I just say, “…and old computer parts,” you may ask incredulously? Yep, sure did! Not sorry! Here’s why…

When you bring your old computer parts to Computer “A” Services, some incredible things can happen. Computer “A” Services technicians are masters at recycling used computers and computer parts. We run state-of-the-art diagnostic tests on them, we fix and update them if needed, and then we use them to refurbish and rebuild top quality computer products – like towers, laptops, monitors, keyboards and more!

These exceptional computer products can then be offered at unbelievably affordable prices because we pass the savings along to you – our valued customers! Want an updated computer that runs at a nice rate of speed and has all the memory you desire, but you can’t really afford one right now? No worries!

You can get whatever type of computer or accessories you want or need at a much more affordable price at Computer “A” Services; and you can trust that product will serve you well. Computer “A” Services isn’t New Smyrna Beach’s most reliable source for computer sales, service and parts for no reason! And that’s not just us tooting our own horn. Daytona News Journal readers voted them a favorite…”Star of the South” for all things computer related, they said!

But that’s not the only good thing that can come of bringing your old computer parts to Computer “A” Services for recycling. If you consider yourself a friend to the environment, you know that the more items we can recycle, the smaller carbon footprint we will leave behind…and hopefully, the better and longer our beautiful earth will be preserved.