Updating Your Windows 10 Is Now More Important than Ever

Updates are a critical ingredient of the recipe for everyday life. There are updates like news and weather alerts that keep us safe and on top of important things we need to know. There are also updates we give to and receive from family and friends to keep in touch with those we love. There are even updates we like to make to the things we own – such as our houses and vehicles – to make them even more appealing.

Updates in the computer world are also very important. They are actually imperative to optimal operation. Take Windows 10 updates, for example. Windows 10 updates might add newer or better security features, they will ensure more compatibility with other programs and applications, they might patch newly discovered problems, or they may address more serious issues.

Continual update alerts from Microsoft may be annoying, but they are absolutely essential. Plus, if you are set up for automatic update installation, the only time you will be bothered for action is when an update requires a reboot. So, it’s really not that big of a deal to update Windows 10 as Microsoft suggests.

Ok, so let’s talk about what might happen if you don’t update as suggested. It’s hard to tell you exactly what will happen, but let’s take a stab some possibilities. Maybe it’s something small, such as you just fail to acquire a new feature that might have made using your computer more enjoyable or your life easier. It’s not the most ideal situation, but not the worst. However, say, for instance, that Windows 10 locks up, and Microsoft sends you an update alert that will fix it. If you decide to ignore it, guess what…the guy who installed the update will merrily continue to use his computer, while you may be staring at a blank screen. That, my friend, would stink!