Sometimes it can all come down to what’s hot and what’s not. It’s totally hot when your new boyfriend opens the door for you and takes you to dinner instead of shopping for car parts. It’s infinitely hot when you get to see a movie with both Thor and Captain America. Am I right? Oh, and those bold new nail colors they have this season are definitely hot.

Ok, guys, let’s switch it up for you! It’s very hot when your girl is fine with shopping for car parts instead of a fancy dinner out. You may also like a good movie jam-packed with hot actresses; and have you seen the new Dodge? Hot!

What’s not hot is when your electronics, like your computer, laptop, iPad or cell phone get hot. Heat can cause electronics to malfunction and shorten their lifespan or even end it! Here are some tips that may help keep everything that keeps you connected cool…

Since we live here in New Smyrna, let me lead with, you really should never take your electronics to the beach. Heat, sun, water and sand are all evil when it comes to electronics. Trust me, I get it…we all need our phones. Just try to keep them somewhere cool and in the shade. As far as working on the beautiful beach for inspiration, you may want to opt for earning a buck while you lounge on your lanai or at a restaurant with a waterfront view instead.

Same goes for your hot car, so don’t leave your cell or computer in your car when you step onto the beach. That can be just as bad or worse. Cars can heat up fast and to really extreme temperatures.

Even your lap can be a problem. What I mean is that you want your laptop to be able to benefit from the air circulation around it. You never want to smother it against clothing or soft furniture that might have the same effect.