Why Buy Local?

Can I ask you a question? How easy is it for you to return or get services on products that you haven’t bought locally or that you ordered online? It’s definitely not as easy as it is when you deal with a vendor or retail establishment that is right around the corner. 

Here’s another important question. What do you get when you choose to buy your new computers, custom-built computers, computer peripherals or computer parts locally through Computer “A” Services in New Smyrna Beach? A whole lot…

To a huge company, you are just a number. To Computer “A” Services, you are a valued customer. You know us, you know you can trust us and you know that we provide responsive service so that you can avoid delays. When you call a big company (and don’t even get me started on online companies that rarely provide you with a way you can actually speak to a person), more often than not, you end up in voicemail hell. When you place a call to Computer “A” Services, you instantly get a knowledgeable, friendly computer technician on the other line – one who may very well know you on a first name basis.

There are even more benefits to buying local. By buying local, you eliminate shipping costs, which always seem to be on the increase. You can also avoid shipping delays, which have become quite a problem lately for computers and computer- related products. By eliminating the shipping aspect of your computer purchases, you can even protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 

Supporting local businesses also helps to create and maintain jobs and stimulate our local economy, which keeps our town thriving.