PC Gaming – Why It’s the Best

No longer is gaming a very expensive hobby largely limited to diehard enthusiasts. However, the one thing that does remain the same within the world of gaming is the fact that the PC is still the preferred platform to get your game on.

PCs present plenty of dependable start-up options that can suit a gamer for years to come. Quite frankly, PCs are the most popular gaming option because, whether you opt for a prebuilt system or you build your own PC, PCs offer the best graphic potential and allow gamers to play their games at the most optimal settings. PC gamers have more choices when it comes to controllers and PCs support a wide range of headsets, so they are the best platform for anything in the virtual reality realm. With a PC, there is also the ability to upgrade for a longer and more desirable lifespan than a console would afford. 

From the easy to use aspect to very cool exclusive games, consoles can be great, but PCs are better. PCs also offer sweet exclusives like World of Warcraft, along with tens of thousands of games. Imagine anything from back in the day Doom or Quake to the latest and greatest games of today, like The Witcher 3. Consoles just don’t have it like that.

Also, forget anything you may have heard about PC gaming being more expensive than its console gaming counterpart. That just isn’t true. There are tons more purchasing venues available to PC gamers, so games are often cheaper because they exist in a far more competitive market. Some PC components can be more expensive than for consoles, like cases or power supply options, but their longevity makes up for it. Plus, PCs can do a whole lot more than up your game!

When shopping for a PC to accommodate your gaming requirements, you’ll need to take your CPU, graphics, RAM and storage all into consideration. Whether you decide to buy or build your PC, Computer “A” Services can help you determine the right PC gaming setup for you.