Recycle That Computer

Don’t Throw Away that Old Computer!

If you are thinking of getting rid of your old computer, DON’T! Computer A Services can recycle old computers for homes or businesses. Let’s face it, recycling is the right thing to do, but did you know that the other benefits of recycling your computer are enormous?

Conserve Natural Resources

Recycling your old computer can help to save the environment. EPA regulations prohibit the landfilling of known hazardous materials, including those in computers and monitors. By recycling your computer, you are keeping toxic wastes away from landfills, as well as avoiding hefty fines.

Save Energy

It also saves energy. There is a great deal of fossil fuel used in the production and manufacturing of computers and their components. However, the benefit of recycling old computers goes far beyond the environment…

Help Protect Public Health

Many electronics contain toxic or hazardous materials such as mercury and lead, which can be harmful when disposed of in the trash. Emissions from the manufacturing and production of computers also cause many forms of pollution.

Save Money

If you are thinking of purchasing a new computer, consider rebuilding your old one. The cost of a rebuilt computer is far less than you would pay for a new one, and when you are providing existing components (many of which are still perfectly fine), you further minimize the cost of materials.

Give the Gift of Technology

Even if you decide not to keep your rebuilt computer for yourself or your business, you can donate it to the community. Computer donations are welcomed by schools, low income families and charities – all of which might not have otherwise been able to afford a computer.