Safety for Your Laptop and You

Safety first…in all things, and that applies to your laptop too! It may go without saying, but be careful when you are walking around with your laptop. Whether it is encased or not, you don’t want to bang it against anything, and you definitely don’t want to fall with it.

The next common sense rule you need to follow to keep your laptop safe is to make certain you never place any food or drinks near it. These items could damage your hard drive or even your keyboard.  

Another thing that is very important to be mindful of when using or stowing your laptop is ventilation. Always make sure that the air vents on your laptop are unclogged and free from debris. Also always operate your laptop on a hard surface. Soft surfaces can block airflow to your laptop vents, causing your laptop to overheat.

Additionally, keep in mind that, unlike your PC, laptops need to be shut down when they are not in use. A notebook that has been left on and is stowed within a case where there is no air circulation can easily overheat.

Plus, make certain to stow your laptop cords so that they can never be forcefully yanked out or tripped over. Another good idea is to avoid the beach when working on your laptop. It might seem like a good idea, but the sand and the sea never mix well with laptops. You also want to watch the heat at the beach or even in your car. Leaving your laptop in a hot car can wreak all sorts of havoc with your laptop’s delicate components.