Weak Password, Easy Hack

Weak marriages can end up in divorce court (or at least in very unpleasant therapy). Weak employees can sometimes make or break a business. Plus, weak tree bows can break. So if you are climbing trees, keep listening closely for cracking sounds! 

Weak passwords can be just as awful – causing data breaches, financial loss and computer failure. Poor passwords are an easy hack and once hackers are in, everything in your computer system is game. 

Did you know that two out of three information breaches in business are due to the use of weak passwords? Small businesses, in particular, are easier hacks for cyber-stalkers because bigger companies tend to be better protected. Think of it this way…If you were a burglar, would you break into the house with the alarm system or the really big, scary dog? Just sayin’.

Although every home and business should have decent security in place, you don’t have to go full-on Rambo to establish a good defense. One of your best defenses is a strong password. Yes, passwords like 1234, your birth date and even your phone number are big no-nos. Common words and phrases like “football” and “I love you” (sorry Mom) are lacking as well. Oh and if you are thinking your pet’s name could be a good password alternative, stop thinking that! If you have a common pet name, that could be a problematic password as well. Also keep in mind that you need to change-up your default user name and passwords for items like your router and storage devices as well.

Basically, it comes down to this…When something as simple as changing your password to a strong one can keep all your sensitive documents safe, making that small effort is a no-brainer. Don’t put your home or business at risk.