Take Free Computer Classes at Your Local Library

The library is a place where you can lose yourself in another time full of petticoats and horse drawn carriages or in future worlds full of new planets and beings. It is a place where you can find pages full of romance, self-help, research anything imaginable, and where your kids can enjoy story time. But did you know that the library is also a place where can learn about computers? Well, it is! Your very own local library offers complimentary computer classes, so sign up and get ready to master some technology for FREE!

There are several classes offered at New Smyrna Beach library, and you can take them all or just one or two.  You choose! The first class is an Internet basics class which will cover the World Wide Web, the library’s website, browsers, search engines and how to research information. The second class is beginner’s class addressing computer components and operating systems. The third is an intermediate class that will provide you with editing tips and the basics for creating and printing files. Class number four on the last week is a Microsoft class which will help you navigate through Microsoft’s menu and toolbar.

There are eight laptops at the library available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but you can also bring your own laptop. So, power up, learn some cool stuff, and have a computer pro at your fingertips to answer any of your computer or Internet questions!