The Big Question: Microsoft or Apple?

Microsoft versus Apple, it’s a longstanding, heated competition that quite possibly rivals the body count of the Hatfields and McCoys. Which is better? I think we can all agree that both Apple and Microsoft are well established brands earning massive profits with continual unparalleled expansion and innovation. 

Recently, however, the powers that be at Microsoft and Apple have taken different paths. So although they are both incredible in their own right, you might choose each for very different reasons…

More focused on operating systems and software, of late, Microsoft is pursuing the deep pockets of the business-to-business market with inspiring vigor. Most impressively, as businesses transitioned toward Cloud computing services, Microsoft deftly increased its cloud-based offerings. Along with pleasing the commercial masses, Microsoft has also grown its one time software purchases into extremely high revenue producing recurring subscriptions.

Apple, with profits at an all-time high, is no slouch either. However, its portfolio has expanded in a completely different direction, geared more toward consumer and entertainment products. We’re talking about iPhones, accessories, Apple Music, home offerings and wearables such as the Apple Watch…and, my friends, that last one is a doozy! Wearables have just exploded through the proverbial gate and are projected to grow exponentially. Consequently, you could definitely say that Apple is also well positioned in today’s market.

So which is better, Apple or Microsoft? You decide.