Fun Things to Ask Siri

Need a laugh? While it may be fun to torture your mother or little children with questions you know they will answer in some humorous fashion, it’s slightly irreverent. So why not just ask Siri? Siri has been known to have a wicked sense of humor, her answers may surprise you, you can’t hurt her feelings and your questions won’t make her feel the need for therapy once she grows up. 

Ready? Here are just a few suggestions of fun things you can ask Siri…

On the macabre side, if you have had it up to here with your husband, you could ask Siri the quickest way to mortally wound a person or the best way to dispose of a body.

If you are looking for an interesting night on the town, you may want to ask Siri for a good pick-up line or, if you dare, ask Siri if your pants make your posterior look plus-size.

As an annoying sibling may have brought up in the past, “It’s not all about you,” so ask Siri about herself – maybe things like, if she thinks she is smart and how she gets the answers to all her questions, which actually is pretty interesting. 

Siri answers questions with speech recognition technology, which converts words to text. That text is then used to conduct a search, much like when you conduct a Google search on your computer or smartphone. Text-to-speech software converts Siri’s answers that sound conversational and sometimes hysterical.