The Power of Google

We’ve all used Google to search for everything from recipes, to song lyrics, and you probably know that Google offers a menu of Internet products and services; but Google also keeps evolving to remain relevant as technology and our growing needs change. Here are some other interesting and helpful things that Google can do…

Need some assistance with numbers? You can use Google as a calculator by typing an equation into the search bar. Convert to metric by just typing in what you need. For example, just type 3 miles in kilometers; or convert currency by saying 5 yen in U.S. dollars. Google can even graph a mathematical function for you if you simply enter it into the Google search bar!

Counting calories? Compare foods by placing v/s between them in the Google search bar. In fact, you can compare any item this way!

Need a reminder? Enter the words, set a timer in the search bar and voila! You can get the definition for any word by typing define before the word in the Google search bar; or take your search up a level by looking for items within a certain price range. Just put two periods between them!

Tired of the same old view? Place the word tilt in the Google search bar to tilt your screen or if you are feeling retro, you can type Google in 1998 and your homepage will appear just as it would have been in 1998.

You can flip a virtual coin on Google by clicking the mic beside the search bar and just saying flip a coin. Track FedEx or UPS packages by simply placing the tracking number in the Google search bar. Keep an eye on your stocks by just typing in a company’s ticker. Check real-time sport scores. Find available flights by typing flights to (any city). Want to know what time it is in any city around the world? Just type time: (that city) in the Google search bar.

That’s just part of the power of Google. If you want to find out more, just Google it!