What Photo Storage Is Right for You?

Remember that great photo of you and your best friend back in the day or your baby’s first day at the beach? Those photos are irreplaceable, so you want the option you choose to store and protect them to be a good one.

Storing your photos on only your computer can be a dangerous thing for obvious reasons. External hard drives and physical photo books work, but what if there is a fire? Using portable hard drives as a photo storage back-up could be a solution, albeit a cumbersome one. So what are the best ways to safely store your precious memories? Although they typically compress photos to a lower resolution for storage purposes, online photo storage options tend to be a pretty good alternative.

The popular Google Photos app makes it easy to back-up, organize, edit and access your photos from your desktop or your phone. If your photo resolution isn’t too large, you can score unlimited photo storage access for free. You can also upgrade to a higher photo resolution for a nominal monthly fee.

The Apple iCloud Photo Library for iPhones and MACs can also be managed from iCloud.com on PCs. It also organizes photos by date, as Google Photos does. You can get 5GB of free storage here and upgrade by space and price as needed.

Amazon Prime members receive free, unlimited, full resolution photo storage and non-members can purchase plans starting at $1.99.

Then there is Flickr, which lets you save 1000 photos to iOS and Android for free with unlimited storage for a monthly or a discounted yearly fee. Photobucket gives you 250 photos for free before it charges monthly subscription rates for the different plans it offers.

…and, if it all seems a little overwhelming, Computer “A” Services is always at your service!