Video Chatting: Popular Options

Feeling a little chatty? That’s perfectly fine because there are tons of sweet options available for video chatting…

Facebook Messenger is often considered the best choice when it comes to video chat apps. Since just about everyone you know uses Facebook, its widespread availability is one of its biggest advantages. Plus, Facebook Messenger is easy to use. You only need to open it, select the person or group you want and hit the camera button.

However, Google Duo, which turns on the camera immediately upon opening the app, may be the easiest video chat option yet. Google Duo is a video chat mobile app for android and iOS as well as through Google Chrome for desktops and laptops which offers superior video quality and allows users to leave a video message. Its effects are fun too!

With a billion plus daily users, WhatsApp also can’t be ignored as a top video chat contender. WhatsApp is a convenient video chat service that roams between Wi-Fi and data connections to ensure the best connection. Additionally, you can check messages while video chatting on WhatsApp; but it doesn’t work on desktops or offer any fun effects or filters.

Also very popular for video chatting, Apple’s FaceTime for iOS and MAC users is simple to use for quick video calls, either on Wi-Fi or a network connection.