The Zoom Lawsuit May Entitle You to Money

If you’re running short on cash, the Zoom Meetings App class action lawsuit may entitle you to a little bit. Lately, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about protection from and regulations for third party sharing. Well, the video conferencing app called Zoom fell right smack in the middle of all that.

Zoom was recently zoomed to court to defend against allegations of privacy and security concerns – specifically sharing user information with third parties without proper authorization, as well as failing to prevent meeting disruptions by third parties which became popularly known as Zoom bombings. Zoom was also accused of misrepresenting its end-to-end encryption, which has since been remedied.

The end result is that Zoom continues to deny all allegations, but has settled this class action lawsuit for $85 million, some of which you may be able to receive if you had dealings with Zoom between March 30, 2016 and July 30, 2021. Claimants are required to file before March 5, 2022 and payouts will be dependent upon how many people end up filing claims. 

Here’s how it works…If you subscribed to the video conferencing Zoom Meetings app during the aforementioned time period, you can file a claim for whichever is greater: $25 or 15 percent of the cost of your subscription, excluding extras for which you may have opted. The other claim you can file is for $15 if you simply registered, used, opened or downloaded the Zoom Meeting app during the specified time period. Government and enterprise-level accounts are not eligible.