Mac Computer Shortcuts

You only need to press, hold and release a few keys simultaneously to enjoy some commonly used Mac shortcuts.

For instance, Command and P prints your current document; Command and S saves while Command and O will open.

Looking for an end in sight? Command and W will close the front window. Option, Command and W keys will close all your windows and Option, Command, Esc is your force quit for an app.

We all make mistakes, so…Command and Z will undo your previous command and Shift, Command, Z can reverse the undo command.

Lose something? Command, F is your go-to Mac shortcut for finding things and Command, G can find the next occurrence of that item you just found. Shift, Command and G will get you back to your original “find”. You get where this is going?

Do you need to make a move? Choose Command, A to select all items. Command, X cuts; Command, C copies; and Command, V pastes to the clipboard.

Looking for something new? Shift, Command, N will create a new folder.

Had enough? Hit Command and H to hide your windows or Option, Command, H to view only the front app, but hide the others.

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