Unknown Number Keeps Calling

Do you know what to do and what not to do when you keep getting calls from someone you think may be a phone scammer? Here’s some more advice from the Better Business Bureau you can follow to help protect yourself from phone scammers…

Things you can do:

  • Although you can register for the Do Not Call Registry at DoNotCall.gov, this only tends to reduce solicitation calls – not so much scammers. 
  • You can report a phone scam to bbb.org/scamtracker to help the government and law enforcement in their scam tracking and warning efforts.
  • You can also forward any suspicious texts to 7726 to alert your carrier about a suspected smart phone scam.
  • Use caller ID to screen calls and, if you can, try to pick up calls only from those callers you recognize.
  • Unbelievable offers are usually unbelievable for a very good reason, so carefully research all organizations before you make any purchases or allow anyone to handle your money.
  • If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from a reputable institution you deal with, like your bank or credit card company, call the number on your statement to confirm the inquiry. Most likely it is not legitimate, since large, reputable companies do not typically deal with clients by phone.
  • Always check all your bills and account statements to be sure that all transactions and balances are correct.

Things you should never do:

  • Never press a number on your keypad at the request of a caller. This could open you up to identity theft.
  • Never engage at all. Scammers may have acquired a portion of your information already, making any information you provide very valuable to them and a danger to you. For instance, if they have a copy of your cable bill, they may just need a little more information to run it sky high. 
  • The same holds true for your credit card and financial investments, so never provide any personal information to someone you do not know, such as your social security number, banking information or even your date of birth or address.
  • Do not click links on unknown texts.
  • Do not call a number back thinking you missed a call if your phone rang only once. If you do, you risk being signed up for fraudulent services and the result will be a horribly high phone bill.