Why Do Phone and Computer Chargers Keep Changing

Ch…Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes…David Bowie sang about them and change is one of the only things in life that stays the same, but why, oh why, do our phone and computer charges have to keep changing?

Your first thought may be that phone and computer manufacturers are creating charger issues with each new phone and computer model they develop simply to increase their profits. While that may very well be true, there are a few more reasons for the fact that you need to purchase a new charger seemingly every time you buy a new phone or computer…

Phone and computer upgrades, such as sleeker and different size designs, can make existing phone and computer chargers obsolete because they will no longer fit on the new and improved model.

Then there is the whole “manufacturer changes in protocols” thing with each new generation phone and computer. With this issue, you have your phasing out of certain things – like Apple’s FireWire AND the addition of certain new features, which require more juice for your phone or computer.

For example, say you purchase the new iPhone. You can use a 5W charger, but it won’t be quick. You get the fastest battery charge for your new phone or computer with the charger that supplies as many watts as your electronic devices can support. So, the ideal charger for the new iPhone would be a 20W charger.

By the way, we agree. It’s a huge pain to have to purchase a new phone or computer charger, which is usually actually multiple chargers because it is more convenient when you have a few in the house, one in the car and one in your office. So that you can make the best decisions on your chargers or your next new electronic device purchase, feel free contact Computer “A” Services. We will be happy to get you all charged up!