TikTok Scams

Research indicates that hackers and scammers gravitate toward all things popular because that’s where most of the action is and, subsequently, where they can find more victims. So, it is with a heavy heart, my friends, that I report that our beloved TikTok is a favorite of cyber scammers…and some of the latest TikTok scams are some real doozies…

Be careful with your beach and workout photos because these creepsters like to steal images of anyone in bikinis or other clothes that might be a little revealing and use them to entice other creepsters into paying for adult content. Try explaining that one to Dad!

TikTok scammers may also attempt to mislead you into paying for apps that either use malware to spam you or, even worse, steal your information. They also impersonate celebrities in order to promote investment scams or other fraudulent content. 

TikTok phishing scams may offer you a special deal via email or text and then redirect you to a site that collects your personal data. Don’t click on any suspect links! Additionally, TikTok scammers use Bot accounts to make you think you are engaging with an actual person. Then they try to talk you into providing them with personal or financial information.

The best way to protect yourself from TikTok scams is to remain aware, be sure you know with whom you engage and be very wary of any promo that sounds too good to be true.