Top web browsers 2018

It’s quickly becoming a Chrome world even on a Mac.

Microsoft and Mozilla browsers reached a record low, which in turn makes Chrome look unstoppable.  Microsoft IE and Edge reached a new low with only 15.4% of the market share.   Although Mozilla Firefox lost a small percentage of the market, it remains at about the 9.7% market share.  Microsoft and Mozilla’s browser problems are not new, both companies have watched their browser take a substantial hit in the last decade.

Firefox has been in a leaky boat for some time too!  Firefox has lost 2.6 percentage points or 21% of the market.

The losses that both Mozilla and Microsoft have seen are unsustainable in the overall picture.  Because Microsoft has lost more than double that of Firefox in the last year, it stands to prove that Microsoft will fall harder and faster than Firefox.  Internet Explorer has already moved to legacy status and Edge has been a flop since the day it was introduced.  At the end of July of this year Chrome owned 6.7% of the market in the PC world.

On the Mac side, Safari has been in a downward spiral also.  Safari share of all macOS-systems dropped 38.3% this last July. Again reinforcing that an operating systems default browser no longer guarantees success.

If this all sounds so confusing, it is because it is.   No matter what the numbers say, it really does come down to user preference.  Here at Computer “A” Services, we, for the most part, recommend Chrome as it seems to be the most stable.

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