Water Damage to Computers

Try to avoid any type of splish splash around your computer or mobile devices, and you could save a lot of heartache and money. Water can be the worst enemy of electronic devices, causing damage to screens, motherboards, hard drives, keyboards and more – even in small amounts. If your computer is plugged in when contact with water occurs, computer components can easily short out, and damage can be irreparable. If unplugged and if water does not enter the case, the chance of damage is minimal.

How can you protect your computer and mobile devices?

The most important rule of thumb would be to try to keep all of your computers and mobile devices out of harm’s way. Here are just a few examples of what not to do. Never leave computers or mobile devices on the floor where they would be easy prey for flood waters. Avoid leaving beverages next to your computer or mobile device. Accidents have surely been known to happen. Never take a trip to the lavatory with your cell in your back pocket. The latrine would be a horrible place for an untimely demise. And don’t ever fall asleep on the beach with your IPad as the tide is rolling in.

What do you do if you think you may have water damage?

If you believe water or another liquid has made its way inside your computer’s components, unplug the device as quickly as possible. Water and electricity do not mix! If you are able to open the case safely, check for water inside, remove all of the moisture you can and let it dry out overnight. Look for residue, corrosion or discoloration. These are all signs that might indicate your computer may need to be repaired before it will properly function.

It is possible that instead of a total loss, only certain components may have been damaged. Computer “A” Services can help make this determination, and get you up and running in no time. If you are uncomfortable opening your computer, you need help diagnosing damage, making repairs or trying to retrieve lost files, Computer “A” Services is the place to call. Computer “A” Services, winner of the “Star of the South Award 2016 for Best Computer Shop,” has been providing New Smyrna Beach and Volusia County with affordable, trusted computer services for over 18 years.


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