For many ages Computer A Services has been using and selling AVG antivirus to our customers. We have since switched to a new program; WEBROOT. This program is much more loved by our techs and our customers alike. Here’s why it is loved, why we use it, and how it works.

Webroot is a lovely program which promises amazing antiviral protection. It takes a splendid proactive approach to keeping you, your computer, and your information safe. It does this while taking a back seat in your computer. This means it doesn’t annoy you every two seconds with some obtrusive pop up that AVG and other antivirus softwares suffered so much from. It actually very rarely tells you anything unless something happens. It does all of its works behind the scenes. Which is wonderful as annoyed AVG users may agree with.


Computer A Services uses and loves Webroot for many reasons. For one it is cheaper. We’ll install and hook you up for under $40 a month. We also love it for its effectiveness. We’ve never had any customers come in and tell us a virus has gotten through the Webroot system.

Now to mix another reason why we love it and how it works: Remote Monitoring. When we install Webroot onto your computer, your computer shows up on our system. We accept you into our grouping and you’re then protected via Webroot. On your side Webroot acts as any other antivirus software. But on our side were able to see the issues you may be having (not what you’re doing though!). We’ll call and make sure everything is ok and running great and see if anything more needs to happen. It really is a wonderful program.


You can visit Webroot’s website to read more about their program and its features: http://www.webroot.com/us/en/

You may also call us and ask us any other questions: 386-409-0320

And of course, come on in if you’re sold and want Webroot on your computer right now! 😉