Laptop or Tower

Computer users are always faced with a huge issue when getting a new computer. The decision between a laptop or tower, to some, is easy and not even a question. Though many computer users have to put their decisions to the pace, making pros and cons lists, etc. So lets go over this debate in a nice non-bias way to help you make a decision.

So first off, the biggest reason to choose one device-type over the other is based on you and your situation. There are so many distinctions between a laptop and a tower that get decided on their own. A travelling business person can’t take around an 80 pound tower with all the wires, monitor, keyboard and mouse around the world with him and back.

And that’s the first aspect that defines which computer type you are – mobility. Need any portability out of your computer at all? Then laptop it is! A tower just won’t do. It’s too bulky and you need to take the accessories and parts along with the huge tower. Talk about a pain.

Another wonderful aspect of laptops is the accessories. It’s all built in! How wonderful is that? Need to move the computer? Just move it and it all comes with it. Need to move a tower? Well first you have to unplug the monitor and the keyboard and the mouse and possibly the internet and maybe some other accessories. Then go and move the tower to the spot. Ah now to move the accessories and plug them back in. Wow, now wasn’t that easy? 😉

Though this blog seems bias towards laptops, I told you we weren’t going to be bias. So there are two huge things towers have going for them. Power and upgradability. Towers generally have much more powerful parts within. They run cooler in temperature most of the time. And the ease of upgrading vastly out does a laptop. You can really only upgrade RAM on a laptop and not that much. (Generally only a couple GBs) On a desktop, you could (theoretically) bump up your RAM to 128GB. You could make a super computer out of a tower. Laptops just don’t have that option.

Though it’s all up to you to take in this information and apply it to you, your life, and your situation. It’s all personal and we always say that when talking to a costumer at Computer A Services.