Computer A Services is an official and proud reseller of DriveSavers. We’re really trying to push DriveSavers out into the world and expose the wondrous services they provide to everyone. If everyone knows about DriveSavers, the few that have issues know what to do! This is one of the purposes of today’s blog post; to expose everyone to DriveSavers. And of course, a bit of information about them would really help so that’s purpose “numero dos.”

First off, the big question: What is DriveSavers? Well, nice and simply, they recover lost data. You may take this simple service for granted. Think of yourself in a hypothetical future. You’re cleaning up your numerous files and oh! “Oh no! I’ve deleted my precious picture of Becky at the Christmas party! That was my favorite picture!” Well, there you go. DriveSavers is there to save the day. Now isn’t that just wondrous?

“How do they do it? How does it work?” you may be blurting out at your computer screen. Call them! If you’re experiencing any issues with your drives, call them immediately. They’ll gather some information about your situation and decide whether you need to send in your drive to them or not or what ever may be the correct course of action. They know drives like the back of their hand. (And probably the front of their hand. Heck they could probably sniff a drive blindfolded and tell you all about it. So make sure you trust their judgement, because boy oh boy do we trust them at Computer A Services.)

As previously mentioned, they may ask you to send if your drive if it comes to it. Though they couldn’t make it any easier on you. Free shipping is wonderful. And if they can’t do it, if they just can’t get your data off, it doesn’t cost anything. You couldn’t ask for a more dependable service when it comes to your precious data.

You can never get enough information on DriveSavers so we made a page about it. Visit that page here:

Or visit their website at

Don’t forget that we’re official resellers of DriveSavers so call us if you have any concerns or questions.