What Is Bluetooth and What Does It Do on Your Computer

Back in the day, George Thorogood introduced us to the “House Run Blues.” Now there’s a new blue in town that is also pretty cool…Bluetooth! Bluetooth is great because it is wireless, automatic and inexpensive.

Want your computers and mobile devices to wirelessly interact with each other? Bluetooth is wireless technology primarily used to exchange data over short distances between computers and mobile devices. It’s great for sharing photos, videos, music, files and more – even on separate networks!

If your computer has a Bluetooth adapter, you can “pair” it to any other Bluetooth device, including another Bluetooth computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth is great because it can connect up to eight devices simultaneously and it uses less battery power than WiFi.

Certain cars have Bluetooth, so you can use your car stereo for calls. With Bluetooth, connecting to peripherals – like mice and keyboards – can be ideal because you are not limited to one device by a single USB port. Bluetooth can also be used to enable headsets so you can talk on your phone without holding it…and appear trendy or crazy – depending on your perspective ☺

The majority of PCs and Macs have built-in Bluetooth, but older models may not. It’s easy to check if your computer has Bluetooth. On Windows, right click on the Device Manager in your Control Panel for menu that will list Bluetooth as a heading if you have it. For Mac, click the Apple logo at top left. Click About This Mac. Click System Report (on older versions, click more info). Look for Bluetooth heading in Hardware.

If you don’t a have Bluetooth-ready computer, Bluetooth can be added to computers inexpensively, and Computer “A” Services can help!