How to Clear Your Browsing History from Prying Eyes

Jeepers creepers…how do you avoid peepers? Here’s how to clear history from a few of the most popular browsers…

For Chrome:

  • Use shortcut CTRL + H or go to chrome://history.
  • Click Menu near top right.
  • Choose History, then History again.

Google Chrome:

  • Click Menu.
  • Choose More Tools.
  • Clear browsing data.
  • Select what you want to clear by checking boxes in dropdown Menu.
  • Then just hit Clear.

For Internet 7 and Above:

  • Open a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser window.
  • Click Tools in upper right.
  • Select Internet Options from dropdown Menu.
  • Click delete on the General Tab in the browsing history.
  • Check boxes for data you want to clear and click Delete.

Microsoft Edge:

  • Click Hub in upper right.
  • Click History.
  • Click Clear History.
  • Check box near each type of data you want to clear.
  • Click Clear to erase.
  • You can also turn on “Always clear this when I close browser.”

Ok, so no more eye spy by prying eyes! Just keep in mind that once you delete your history, it will be gone for good.