What’s New in the Computer World?

The computer world is constantly morphing our gadgets and software into fabulous phenoms. So, what’s new in the computer world as we speak? Too many things to list, but here are a few very cool recent software upgrades…

PowerPoint now offers scalable vector graphics and 3D model support, as well as zoom for cinematic presentations, 4k video support, morph transitions and chart enhancements. Word has improved navigation, text to speech capabilities and learning tools. Excel now promises data analysis features including 2D maps, formulas and new charts.

Outlook has a new focused inbox feature which moves less important emails aside, so you can focus on what is most important. Paintshop can instantly transform photos into paintings and has built-in common photo enhancements, easier content migration, new creative content and 360 degree photo editing capabilities.

Windows boasts security innovations including deep platform sensors and enhanced response actions; as well as Hybrid Cloud innovations, like a Server Core app compatibility feature on demand that increases the functionality and compatibility of Server Core; and application platform innovation with container improvements including better app compatibility and higher performance…and so much more!

What’s in store for the upcoming decade is even more impressive! They say that our computers will be like souped up smart phones, offering access to everything personal and professional from anywhere. Computers could become more like partners than PCs. They may act as virtual coaches for seniors, reminding them about medication and appointments; and they may also act as colleagues, revolutionizing the way we work. Our monitors may become huge roll-up screens and our laptops may come in multiple forms – one of which might even be in our eyeglasses!