Windows 10 Comes Out Today

Windows 10 Comes Out Today – July 29th, 2015 – This date finally marks the roll out of a new Windows operating system. Windows 10 has created a lot of hype with its bountiful collection of promised features. Though many of these features are stunning and useful, jumping on the hype train may not be the best decision.


Our resilient techs release a warning to all of our curious costumers at Computer A Services that eagerly want to jump aboard Windows 10 which is interesting. For most operating system releases we don’t get too much hype but Windows 10 has been quite different. This is mainly due to Microsoft sending out Windows 10 upgrade notifications to everyone with a currently installed operating system that is eligible. This list includes Windows 7. And if you don’t have Windows 7 now a days you have Windows 8 or 8.1 which is definitely also eligible for upgrade. (Thou shalt not speak of Vista.) Visit and scroll down to “Upgrade editions” to see if and how you qualify for the upgrade.

The reason why we give out a warning is a reference to the stability of a newly released operating system. Now, you may be asking, “But Mr Computer A Services blog writer dude, its Microsoft. They probably put millions into bug checking and development.” Well Computer A Services blog reader dude, my eckspurt (expert spelled incorrectly for humor sake or something) advice is still to approach this release with hesitation. There are plenty of bugs still present in XP. And if that sentence right there isn’t enough to convince you, well… Then I guess I’ll have to write some more words to sway your begrudged opinion.

On a more serious note, the Windows 10 release will most likely go off without a hitch because of, as you said, the millions of Microsoft monies. But on the off chance Windows 10 comes out with a huge security issue, not having it installed is a wonderful way to remove yourself from the issue.

If you really really want the flashy new operating system, then go for it! I won’t stop you (maybe). And we at Computer A Services will always be here to help you if any issues or bugs do arise. So just follow your heart on the rolling out of Windows 10.