Computer A Services Selling: SERVICES

Computer A Services Selling: SERVICES

Computer A Services provides a lot more services to our humble community. (More than people think for sure.) We attempt to cater to every costumer we can.

Below are various consumer services available in the Computer A Services shop. (Along with some explanation.)

In Shop: (These services represent work done at 817 North Dixie Freeway in New Smyrna Beach.)

Computer Diagnostics, Repair, Cleaning, etc.: Got an issue with your computer? Need some help with a program? Want some spring cleaning to speed up your old computer? Yeah we’ll help.

– Computer Building and Recycling: Whether you want a brand new computer assembled in-house or want to recycle your old “white-box” dinosaur, we’ll help! The whole life span of a computer is available at Computer A Services basically.

– Website Hosting and Design: (Via HostingNSB) Hosting NSB is our sister company. They share our resources and provide the community and us with wonderful websites with stability and aesthetics.

At Site: (This references a variety of locations so each entry will explain their own aspects.)

House Call Repairs: For the costumers that need or want repairs at their house, we’ve got one of our best techs on the job! Ed will go out to your house and help you with any pesky issues. This a lovely option for elderly that have limited mobility.

Business Setups: Businesses may need some help setting up computer systems or possibly internet or really anything else. We have our best techs on the job.

And much more!


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