Computer A Services Selling: HARDWARE

Computer A Services Selling: HARDWARE

Computer A Services has lots of computers, new and old, come through the shop. Some get torn down and the parts salvaged for resale or reuse. We’d love to offer any computer hardware you could possibly need right here at Computer A Services. We’ll even help you install any of the parts!

Below are various computer hardware parts available in the Computer A Services shop of used and new parts. (Along with some explanation.)

Hard Disk Drives or HDDs:

3.5″ HDDs: These are the age old mechanical hard drives that have been storing data for computers since 1954. At Computer A Services, we have both SATA and IDE variants for sale!

2.5″ HDDs: The smaller size of these HDDs allow them to fit into laptops. And that is actually their purpose: laptop hard drives!

Random Access Memory or RAM:

Desktop RAM: We have all types of desktop-sized RAM from DDR to DDR3 (and more) and sizes of 256MB to 4GB.

Laptop RAM: Like desktop RAM, our availability of laptop-sized RAM covers everything you’d need.

Optical Disk Drives:

SATA ODDs: All of our SATA ODDs are able to read and write DVDs and some can even deal with Blu-Rays.

IDE ODDs: The IDE ODDs are basically as modern as an IDE ODD can get, so you’re getting quality ODDs.

Video/Graphics Cards:

Older Consumer Cards: We have some basic consumer-grade video cards that would help to improve basic video performance in a desktop computer.

Newer Enthusiast Cards: Along with low-end cards, we also have higher-end graphics cards that would help those gamers out there.

Cords and Cables:

SATA Cables: These cables connect a SATA device to the motherboard. SATA III cables are the bulk of what we have and our backwards compatible with SATA II connections.

IDE Cables: For those few that need them, we’ve got them! Floppy IDE cables, IDE HDD cables, etc…

Power Connection Converters: We even have converters for your power supply cables. For example, you may need a six pin connector but only have a four pin. These’ll help you!

(Other cords and cables like power cords will be listed in the Accessories parts lists.)

And much more!



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