Computer A Services Selling: ACCESSORIES

Computer A Services Selling: ACCESSORIES

One of the most popular collection of items sold here at Computer A Services is computer accessories. The general public always needs a keyboard replacement or possibly a video display cable, and we always have plenty of stock to satisfy the public’s accessory needs!

Below are various computer accessories available in the Computer A Services shop. (Along with some explanation.)


Wireless Keyboards: Wireless keyboard alleviate that pesky issue of having to deal with cables in your way. So we make sure we always have some for sale.

Wired Keyboards: Wired keyboards get just as much love as wireless keyboards, so we have just as many stocked for sale to those who need them!


Wireless Mice: As wireless keyboards are handy, wireless mice are even handier! (I feel like there is a pun in there somewhere.)

Wired Mice: When wires come out of a mouse they sometimes get in the way. But if you need a mouse with a cable, we’ve got you covered!

Video Display Cables: (No explanations for these. Come on in for help with these and other cables)

– DVI, DVI to HDMI, DVI to VGA, etc

– VGA, SVGA, SVideo, etc

– And more! Come on in and ask for a specific cord.

Other Cables and Cords: (No explanations for these. Come on in for help with these and other cables)

– USB 2.0 extensions (Type B), USB Type A to USB Type B (and vise versa), Mini and micro USB

– Ethernet cords of all lengths and types

– Audio cables (mainly 3.5mm) including extensions and aux cables


– Flash Drives of all storage capacities

And much more!


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