Windows 10 Features: Overview

Features of Windows 10 Operating System

It seems that with Windows 10, Microsoft has carried over some of the more positive features of Windows 8 and combined them with a bunch of other improved features, such as:

  • A customizable start experience and refreshed icons and graphics
  • Cortana – Microsoft’s new digital assistant “who” helps find information on both the Internet and your PC. She can also control Music Player, prepare an email or track a package.
  • Microsoft Edge – A new web browser that assists Cortana and enables notation of web pages from within the browser…great for sharing notes
  • Modern apps can now be windowed and used just like desktop apps, and there is the ability to turn off programs apps or utilities that are not essential to you.
  • Quick access to PC settings and centralized management of notifications
  • Users can edit, prepare documents and spreadsheets with touch optimized Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and PowerPoint.
  • Continuum Mode, which easily helps you decide if your laptop or tablet will work better for you in different instances
  • Storage sense, which analyses files, tells you how much space is occupied by what type of content and how to locate and clean it
  • Access to a range of new features in the Command Prompt Properties Menu, such as copy and paste support and line wrapping for easier reading
  • FLHE, MKV and HEVC support, which improves the video watching experience while maximizing battery life
  • New track pad gestures that rival Mac OS X, such as pinch to zoom, 2 finger scrolling, 2 finger tap to right click, 3 finger swipe up to reveal Task View, 3 finger swipe down for Desktop, 3 finger tap for Cortana and 4 finger tap to open Action Center
  • Easy video screen recording anywhere through Game DVR
  • Windows snapping function, including snapping to ½ screen and snapping windows to a corner
  • DirectX 12, which is slated to be the best platform for PC gaming in the near future

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