Windows 11 Update

Although it may seem – to those of us who prefer to take our own “measured approach” – like we just updated to Windows 10, Microsoft scheduled its Windows 11 release date for October 5. The new operating system upgrade will be free to Window users and availability will be offered in phases through the middle of next year. According to Microsoft, Windows Update will provide notifications to users, letting each know when they are next in line for their Windows 11 update. Timing and eligibility will depend on several factors, including your hardware and the age and compatibility of your device.

When it comes to the new features of Windows 11, let’s start at the beginning. The start button will now appear in the middle with your app icons instead of on the left bottom of the screen; but don’t worry if you are a diehard traditionalist. That button can be moved right back to where it used to be.

Windows 11 introduces a new design with softer colors and a more Mac-like look and feel. For example, for some FaceTime competition, Microsoft Teams will be built directly into Windows 11 and positioned right in the taskbar to provide immediate access to video conferencing. 

A customizable feed of widgets, such as weather and news, will slide out from the left of the screen; and Snap Groups, which are the collection of the apps you simultaneously use, will appear in the taskbar for speedy access. Even desktops will be more like Mac on Windows 11, enabling users to easily switch back and forth to the multiple desktops they created for things like work, school and gaming.

While Windows 11 is not yet ready to support Android mobile apps, testing is currently taking place so that a new way to run small screen Android apps on your PC will soon be available through Windows 11.

The Windows 11 update is expected to work the same way Microsoft updates normally do; and even if your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to support Windows 11, there may be ways around that. If you need help updating to Windows 11 or if all of this seems overwhelming and you would like help navigating Windows 11 (or maybe you’d even like to give some computer assistance as a holiday gift), Computer “A” Services is always here to help.