Ah, that’s Hot!

Does your laptop overheat when it is sitting on your lap? That certainly won’t result in the good kind of hot pants!

Laptops can overheat for many reasons, including a dirty or ineffective fan. How can you tell? If your laptop’s fan is blowing hot air from its vents or blowing little to no air, that could mean that your laptop has either accumulated enough dust to cause its malfunction or it’s a tell that your laptop fan is no longer working at all. 

You can check on your fan by opening your laptop. If it is dirty, you can rid your laptop of any unwelcome dust with a quick shot of compressed air. If your laptop fan is broken, that is an easy fix too. Just bring it to Computer “A” Services where it can be replaced expediently and affordably.

Another reason laptops overheat is poor ventilation. If your clothing blocks your laptop’s airflow while it rests on your lap, you can easily remedy that as well. Try setting a small book or some other item under your laptop to slightly tilt it and improve the airflow around it. Just be careful to position that small item in a manner which won’t block your laptop fan hole. You can also purchase a laptop cooling pad or a lap desk to provide that needed elevation and subsequent ventilation.

No matter what is causing your laptop to overheat, the solution is based on a pretty basic concept. Like most of us, laptops just like a nice breeze to keep things cool!