Google Account Need-to-Knows

We’ve all conducted countless Google searches, most likely used Google maps and maybe even Google translations; and now we can do even more with a Google account, like create documents, work in spreadsheets, connect with others, organize our schedules, shop, make payments and more.

Creating a Google account is easy. In fact, you already have one if you have a Gmail address! If not, simply go to, select “Sign In” at the top right corner and follow the prompts. You will only need to fill in some basic information and agree to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

When it comes to privacy, it’s a good idea to manage your privacy settings. Google shares your online information and behavior so it can do things like show you advertisements you might like based on your search history. Go to and you can modify your privacy settings to control how much information Google can collect.

So, what happens if you forget your password and can’t access your Google account? You can just go to the Google sign in page and create a new password. It’s easy. Just enter your recovery email address so that Google can send you a verification code, and voila! If you don’t have a recovery email address, just type in your cell number and they will send your code there.

Google Pay is also a helpful Google account feature, allowing you to securely make contactless payment in stores, make online payments and purchases and even send money. Most major credit card companies and financial institutions support it, so just download the Google Pay app from Google Play and enter the credit or debit card number you want to use. Stores that accept it will display a contactless payment symbol upon checkout and you only need to hold your phone over the terminal until you see a check or hear a beep. As far as security, Google Pay sends an encrypted number to merchants instead of your actual account number which is stored in the cloud. If you lose your phone, you can delete it with Find My Device.